Continuing to Wait…

Our family is anxiously waiting for a decision as to when and where Ben’s surgery will take place.  Dr. Berenstein, the world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, is reviewing the case.  We previously understood that Dr. Berenstein would call Ben’s parents (my daughter and her husband) on Monday, but today is Wednesday, and still we wait.  Now we are told that we will not hear until tomorrow or Friday.

Even while out of the country, Dr. Berenstein reviewed still photos taken during the tests done at Emory Hospital when Ben was there.  But there are films to be viewed, files that were too large to send electronically.  Now that the doctor has returned to the U.S. he must take the time to review everything, and we are very grateful for that even if the delay is hard for us.



6 thoughts on “Continuing to Wait…

  1. Hi, Deb. I’ll pass along word of your new blog to my church friends. Wife Kathy has also been asking about how Ben is doing, so I’m glad to be able to share this with her. We’ll keep them prayers coming. John


    • Thank you, John. As of two days ago we were given a date for the surgery. It will be May 19 in New York City. I’ll be doing a post about that very soon. Ben and his parents will be flying up (and we will keep their dog). I may fly up as well, but that still hasn’t been decided. Thank you for the ongoing prayers! Deb


  2. I am Ben’s great grandfather, with a photo of the great little guy and me on my mantel. It is marked “me and my Papa”. What a treasure. . . both the photo and Ben. My prayer is that Ben’s delicate operation(s) be highly sucessful. Please join my in doing that.


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