After several weeks of waiting, Ben’s neurosurgery will take place Monday morning (May 19) in New York City.  The operation will take from four to six hours, and if Dr. Berenstein, the neurosurgeon, finds a second Dural AV Fistula, there will have to be a second operation later in the week.

Ben and his parents flew from Georgia to New York last Thursday and met with Dr. Berenstein on Friday morning.  That afternoon, Ben was sent for a baseline neurological examination.  The family then had the weekend for some family fun, but Ben must be at the hospital by 7:00 a.m. Monday.

His mother said this about their first day of family outings in New York: “Great trip to FAO Schwarz this morning! Walking along 5th Ave. and Madison Ave. was a dream come true for me! Today is a beautiful day in the city. We had a quick street vendor lunch, which we ate in the courtyard of Trump Tower, and then took a cab back to the Ronald McDonald House as Ben gets tired very easily here lately. So glad drivers in ATL (Atlanta) are not as crazy as here, but it’s a lot of fun. Ben especially loves the cab rides. My boys are napping, getting ready for the Yankees game this afternoon with (Uncle) J. and (cousin) G. So excited!! We may not have time to experience all of New York while we are here, but we are taking a crack at it, and having a blast along the way. Great family memories!! I truly hope that these moments are the ones that Ben remembers from his time here! By the way, Dr. Berenstein is everything I had hoped he would be: kind, caring, good bedside manner, he took the time to explain things so we could easily understand, and also took the time to comfort me as the mom. I didn’t have to say anything, but he knew how I was feeling. God is good, all the time!!”

Some photos from Ben’s adventures in New York, all taken by his mom or dad or, at least in one case, the carriage driver (11 photos):

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Please continue to keep Ben and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate all of the kind words, encouragement and prayers that have been coming our way.

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8 thoughts on “Smacked in the Gut By Life, Part 4: Neurosurgery on Monday!

  1. This very minute, some of the good old Abiding Hope flock are lifting up Ben, you, and the whole family–including one slightly pudgy pastor. Peace, Deb! John


    1. Thank you, John. The surgery today went well. While we worried ourselves to death and paced the floor, the surgeon was confident and reassuring. There will be another surgery later this week, which we expected, and your continued prayers are requested. It is wonderful to know that people we’ve never met are praying for our family. Deb


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