Grandson Ben’s surgery yesterday was a success !  While family members and friends all over the country were pacing the floor, worrying and praying, the surgeon was confidently and carefully doing what he does best, repairing the fistula in a young child’s brain.  

After surgery
After surgery

Doctors in Atlanta had indicated there was a 50% chance of Ben’s suffering a small stroke during the procedure, but Dr. Berenstein said the chance of a stroke was less than 5%.  Atlanta doctors also had told the family that one blood vessel in the brain might have to be “sacrificed,” but Dr. Berenstein found that not to be necessary.

Working with 10 or more people on his medical team. Dr. Berenstein placed 18 coils (made of platinum and each about the width of a human hair, I read online) in the fistula in Ben’s brain to slow the abnormal blood flow. Already, one day later, the swelling behind Ben’s eye has gone down.  He was allowed to get up today and play in the children’s playroom at the hospital. He remains in pediatric intensive care, however, and will have a second procedure done Thursday (using medical-grade super glue) to bring the abnormal blood flow to a complete halt. It sounds like science fiction!

A happier little guy
A happier little guy

We are very grateful for everyone’s prayers and for the world’s finest medical team. Please continue to remember Ben as he goes through this second procedure.  



28 thoughts on “A Successful First Surgery

  1. Ben, you are SO courageous! Are you a super-hero? You must be. 🙂 You kind of remind me of Tree Fu Tom… have you ever saw that? Our Jack and Benji love it too. Praying for you little man. God is faithful and I look forward to seeing blog posts about play, mischief and cookies long after all this hospital business is done.


    1. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Ben is a very brave little guy, and we pray that he make a full and quick recovery. We appreciate your prayers.
      Ben’s grandma Deb (Nana K.)

      By the way, we don’t know about Tree Fu Tom. Will have to find out about him.


      1. Nana Deb, Tree Fu Tom is on Sprout. 🙂

        God bless your little guy. Prayers for today. I’m going to share the request on twitter as well. I do hope you’ll post when things settle down and update us on your darling little Benny.


  2. I was thinking about him all day and hoping everything was going well. I saw your likes on my blog and I thought, “I’ve been there – waiting in the hospital and doing something mindless to try to pass the time.” 🙂 So glad everything went well and I will be praying on Thursday too!


    1. Thank you! I only wish I were in the hospital with him. I am at home in Georgia. All 4 grandparents and Ben’s great grandfather are here in Georgia worrying and praying. I appreciate your prayers. (By the way, reading and liking your posts definitely is not doing something mindless. I love your blog!) 🙂


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