An angiogram this morning showed that there still was a relatively high blood flow in the area of Ben’s brain where Dr. Berenstein placed the platinum coils on Monday.  Today’s procedure was similar in that it also involved placing a catheter in the femoral artery in the groin area and sending it up to the brain, but this time the surgeon used medical-grade super glue to completely close off the area. The surgery was successful, but the next 24 to 38 hours are critical.  It is imperative that no blood clots form in the affected area.

After “super glue” surgery

Please continue to keep our little man in your thoughts and prayers.  He’s a very brave little guy.


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20 thoughts on “Successful Super Glue Surgery But Not Yet Out of the Water

  1. Keeping him and all of you lifted up to God in prayers…he looks so tiny laying there. May God place His healing hands over him and restore him to perfect health and may His presence surround all of you. ❤ Hugs!


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