A Clean Bill of Health and an Excellent Prognosis

After 24 hours with no blood clot formation, Ben today was given a clean bill of health by Dr. Berenstein.  We can hardly believe that after so many hospital visits, so much concern and fear for this precious child, and two brain surgeries within one week, he now will go on to live a normal life.  We cannot thank everyone enough for their thoughts and prayers and kind, encouraging words.  We cannot thank Dr. Berenstein enough for what he has done to save Ben’s life and make him whole again.  And we can never thank God enough for touching Ben with His healing hand.

Our sleepy boy is going to be okay!

Our sleepy boy is going to be okay!

Our daughter, Ben’s mom, gave us this report today:

Nothing is too great for our God!!
I am so happy to tell you that earlier today Ben was taken off of the IV drip and the blood thinner he had been on since his surgery yesterday. Dr. B. has given Ben a clean bill of heath! He told us that after a couple weeks of rest and downtime, Ben can lead a normal life, with no restrictions! That means if he wants to play ball as he gets older, he can with no worries from this disease that is now behind us!
I’m not going to lie, yesterday (the day of surgery #2) was tough. We had a couple of scares that had us being rushed down for a CT scan to make sure there was not a brain bleed. There was not, but the symptoms Ben was experiencing were scary enough. Ben is a trooper though, and got back to normal by yesterday evening. He has been his usual self today. You would never know that he just had 2 major brain surgeries in a span of 4 days, with the latter having been just yesterday!
We will need to come back for a check up and scan in about a year, and that’s it! Thanks to the Great Physician our baby is healed! We just want to thank everyone so very much for all of your continued prayers and support. I have no doubt that God heard each and every one!!

Ben is enjoying playing in the hospital playroom, watching movies and calling relatives on the phone.  He told me he wants to come to my house for a visit and is asking me to make his favorite breakfast foods: cinnamon muffins (that he calls cinnamon snowballs) and pumpkin bread.  Ben will remain in the hospital until Sunday and then will be coming back home sometime next week.


12 thoughts on “A Clean Bill of Health and an Excellent Prognosis

    • Thank you and your congregation for all of your prayers and expressions of concern. This experience has buoyed the faith of so many people who have been praying, especially all of the little children who have been praying for Ben.


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