Yesterday in Chatsworth, Georgia some truly amazing people held a Benefit for Ben event to raise money to help with the expenses of Ben’s medical treatment.  My husband and I drove across the state to spend some time there.  I also donated some framed photographs of mine for the silent auction, and my husband, a watercolor artist, donated one of his paintings.

Benefit for Ben FB page

Organized by Julie Sane and her husband Jake, the event was well attended even though this is a holiday weekend in the U.S.  It offered face painting, a bouncy house, and balloon creations for children; baked goods, cotton candy and frozen treats for sale; food and beverages (the barbeque was excellent!); a dunk tank; raffles of donated items and a silent auction of other items; and live music by two bands.  Money raised exceeded $3,000.  An additional ongoing project is the sale of Praying for Ben magnets that can be placed on refrigerators or autos to remind people to continue to pray for Ben as he recovers from his operations.


Of course Ben and his parents were not able to be at the benefit.  They did get to view a video made by a friend who was there and also have seen a number of photos taken at the event.  Here are a few:

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So many people have done so much to help Ben.  Thank you to the Sane family for organizing this event, to everyone who was there and to all who donated their time, their creations, and their money to make this event a success.


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4 thoughts on “Another Outpouring of Love: Benefit for Ben

    1. Here is the link to the online fund raising effort called Believing 4 Ben, through GoFundMe.
      That might be the easiest way to donate. (Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t included this in any blog posts, but I guess I haven’t. I really need to post this.) Thank you SO MUCH !!!! On the GoFundMe page there also is a link to the Benefit for Ben Facebook page that is continuing to post updates about our little guy. Deb


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