Suffering From Headaches

Grandson Ben still is suffering from headaches that come upon him suddenly and vary in intensity from mild to quite severe. It has been three weeks since he underwent the two surgeries to repair the AV fistula in his brain. His aunt, who spent a good deal of time with him this past weekend, described him as “pitiful” when the headaches come upon him.  Later this week Ben will be seeing his team of doctors at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

My son-in-law (Ben’s dad) posted the following message today:

“Please continue to pray for our “little soldier”. Since the surgeries, Ben has been having headaches. He has them several times/day and even at night (they wake him up). Often, they hurt to the point of crying and screaming. When asked “where does it hurt”, he points to the same exact place, on his head, every time. We have spoken with Dr. Berenstein and his team (in New York) several times and they have assured us that, b/c there are no other symptoms to accompany the headaches (i.e. slurred speech, swollen eye, poor balance, seizures, etc), there is nothing to worry about. Just to be sure, Dr. B wants Ben’s team of doctors, at Emory, to check him out and be certain there is nothing going on. We have to be at Emory this Thursday at 10:15 AM.
Please continue to lift Ben and our family up in prayer. Our little man has already been through so much. He’s just ready for it to be over with.”


8 thoughts on “Suffering From Headaches

  1. I will pray for your “little soldier” and you can pass this on to him if you’d like….

    Dear Ben,
    You don’t know me, but I read about you on your grandmother’s blog. Wow, she must love you SO much to make a blog about you! I think you are SO brave…kind of like a superhero, if you ask me.
    You have lots of love around you and love can help you heal. Prayers help too so I will pray for you. I am sending you a big hug from Canada. Don’t worry, it is a warm hug. 🙂
    Stay strong, Ben.


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