We recently had a visit from grandson Ben, his first visit since undergoing the two operations for the AV fistula in his brain.  He had a great time going birthday shopping for his mom, playing with our neighbor children, and celebrating a belated Father’s Day with his grandfather and great grandfather.  But he still is suffering from headaches. Some come on suddenly and are severe, and others seem to be duller but last longer. Sometimes he says he just doesn’t feel good.

He managed a smile even though he wasn't feeling good.
Ben managed a smile even though he wasn’t feeling good. (His little dog doesn’t like to see him doing poorly.)

Another appointment with doctors at Emory University Hospital again confirmed that the headaches are a normal response to the changes in Ben’s brain caused by the operations.  The pressure in his brain, which may have been abnormal since birth, is returning to a normal level.  Blood vessels in the brain now have a normal blood flow. The headaches have lessened in frequency over time, and the doctors say that eventually they will disappear altogether. As I’ve noted before, Ben’s eye, which had been protruding due to the abnormal pressure, is no longer protruding.  And the limp he had developed is now gone.

As a precaution, Ben will be returning in July to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Scottish Rite Hospital) for an MRI.  We are trusting that the test will reveal nothing of concern and that the headaches will continue to lessen both in frequency and in intensity. School starts here in Georgia the second week of August, and Ben is set to begin pre-K, hopefully with no more headaches.

Some headache-free fun at Nana K's and G-Pa's
Some headache-free fun at Nana K’s and G-Pa’s


12 thoughts on “Ongoing Headaches and an Upcoming MRI

  1. Great to know that little Ben is still on the road to full recovery and that there’s more than a glimmer of hope that the headaches will soon be no more a nasty memory!


  2. it is such good news – the headaches must be hard to bear at times but knowing it means returning to normal is some comfort. Such a lovely looking boy!


  3. I am sorry to hear that he is still suffering from the headaches, but praising God for his recovery and for his headaches to a distant memory like de WetsWild stated. He is an amazing little guy –


  4. Geez, this all has to be tough for the little guy. I’m glad his headaches are normal, but enough already! I think about and pray for Ben all the time–for everyone who loves him, too. Peace, John


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