Grandson Ben’s doctor, the physician who did the two brain operations last May, was featured last Thursday night on the ABC television network’s reality show NYMed.  I rarely watch network television and didn’t even know the show existed.  Apparently, each episode toggles between two New York City hospitals and features multiple doctors and medical procedures.

In Thursday’s episode Ben’s doctor, Dr. Alejandro Berenstein, performed an operation on a two-year-old girl in which he closed off a Dural AV fistula in her brain using medical grade super glue, the same procedure used on Ben.  Ben, however, had first had 18 platinum coils placed in the fistula to slow the blood flow before the glue was inserted.  The before and after images of the blood flow in the little girl’s brain look very similar to Ben’s before and after images.

It was quite exciting (and frightening as well) to watch the procedure on television and realized that my little grandson underwent the same type of operation.  I couldn’t help but cry as I watched.  Dr. Berenstein was very caring and concerned for the little girl in the show and showed special concern for her parents as well, just as he did for my daughter and son-in-law.  Although the little girl on the show was too shy to give Dr. Berenstein a hug or a high-five, I’m happy to report that Ben did both! After the show aired, Ben’s mom and dad posted on Facebook:

 Throw back Thursday in honor of Dr. B on NY Med tonight! We are beyond blessed to be able to call him Ben’s doctor! 

Katie Holloway's photo.
This is Dr. Berenstein, or Dr. B. as his patients affectionately call him:



And this is the television show on which he appeared. (It will be available for viewing online next week at


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