A Short Chat With Dr. B. and a Chance To Say, “Thank You”

In my last post, I wrote that grandson Ben’s physician recently was featured on the reality television show NYMed.  Two days ago the show’s producers hosted a Facebook chat with the cast.  Anyone interested could attend the chat, ask questions, or comment on the show.  Although I’d heard of Facebook chats before, this was the first time I’d ever participated in one.

NYMed chatI was so grateful to be able to chat for a moment with Dr. Berenstein (Dr. B.), the doctor who saved Ben’s life.  What a wonderful opportunity to let him know how much we thank him for everything he did for Ben and for everything he and his staff continue to do as Ben’s progress continues!  Whoever thought I would be able to thank him via social media?

Here’s an edited version of Season 2, Episode 6 of NYMed, featuring Dr. B. and the procedure he did on little Victoria.  This was very similar to Ben’s procedure except that before the insertion of the glue into Ben’s brain, Dr. B. placed 18 tiny platinum coils in the AV fistula.

Ben was very excited to start pre-K yesterday.  More on that soon. Isn’t is strange that school begins so early in the month of August these days?


2 thoughts on “A Short Chat With Dr. B. and a Chance To Say, “Thank You”

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