Ben Starts Pre-K, and He’s So Excited !!

Grandson Ben started pre-kindergarten (pre-K) this week!  Just a few months ago we didn’t know what was in store for this little guy.  He had an AV fistula (a serious vascular malformation) in his brain with a dire prognosis. Without brain surgery he would have no future.  Now, two surgeries and three months of a fun summer later, he has started school.  His doctor has said that Ben not only will have a normal life but that he can do virtually anything he wants to do, including playing sports!

First day of pre-K #1

Ben was very excited about the first day of pre-K, and he was all kitted out with new backpack and a T-shirt that featured a guitar and read, “Pre-K rocks!”

First day of pre-K #2

First day of pre-K #3

He loves his teacher, and his favorite part of pre-K is the physical activity: running and playing in the gymnasium and on the playground.

Because Ben’s Aunt H. taught until recently at the school (her family just moved out-of-state), many of the teachers who were her colleagues already were familiar with Ben’s condition and have been very welcoming to him and his parents.  He continues to have headaches, and he will have to miss school from time to time in order to travel to Atlanta for follow-up MRIs as doctors track the size of the blood clots in his brain.

But he’s having fun and doing great, and we are so very happy about that!


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