Dental Surgery: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

Ben had to undergo dental surgery again last Friday.  Since his brain surgeries in May, he already has had an abscessed tooth removed, and on Friday his baby teeth were capped.  Who ever heard of capping the baby teeth of a four-year-old?  The procedure was done Friday morning in the children’s hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and by Friday afternoon Ben was on his way to a beach vacation in Florida.  What a trooper!

We knew Ben’s teeth were in bad shape even before his brain surgeries in May.  In fact, this dental surgery was scheduled before the diagnosis of the Dural AV Fistula.  But saving his life took precedence over saving his teeth, and the dental surgery had to wait.

I must admit I had to “google” the capping of baby teeth to find out a little about this procedure.  What I found is that there is a condition called enamel hypoplasia which causes cavities and other problems in baby teeth.  It can be caused by a number of factors including chicken pox which Ben had at only six months old and high fevers and repeated use of antibiotics which he experienced due to regular ear infections as a baby.  Could problems from the AV fistula also have contributed to this?  Who knows?

Ben actually seemed to be looking forward to the procedure.  His teeth have been bothering him, and he has been unable or unwilling to eat anything that isn’t soft. After the procedure he told me he feels a little tickling sensation in his teeth.  His mom said that Friday afternoon he ate more than she has seen him eat in a long time.

The weekend before the procedure Ben paid us a visit, and we had great fun exploring an old locomotive and visiting a local creamery.

Here are a few photos of our visit to the Mount Yonah Book Exchange which has old railroad tracks and the old locomotive on its property.  After exploring the locomotive, children can go into the bookshop and buy a Thomas the Tank Engine book which, of course, we did. (6 images. Click on any one to view in larger format.)

And here are a few photos of our visit to the Mountain Fresh Creamery which produces organic milk, ice cream, and other dairy products.  It was good to see our little miracle boy running and climbing the fence and having so much fun.  Of course we all enjoyed some ice cream, but I was too busy eating to take any ice cream photos.   (6 images. Click on any one to view in larger format.)

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