Registered for Kindergarten!

Now that Christmas is over, the school year here has reached its half-way mark.  It’s time for Ben to be registered for kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year which will begin next August.

Santa's helper

Santa’s helper at Christmas


He currently attends pre-K at the elementary school near his home, and he loves it!  He will remain at the same school for kindergarten and already has asked his parents if he can add sports (T-ball) to his future activities. Who would have thought that this little guy would have two brain surgeries and a few months later be able to play T-ball!


Our Christmas visit with Ben and his parents passed all too quickly.  The two train lovers enjoyed time together watching videos of freight trains.

Looking at trains

Looking at trains with G-Pa


Our budding musician now has a keyboard and enjoyed playing it for us.

Playing the keyboard

Playing the new keyboard


And his great grandfather (my father) gave him a Christmas gift of a bicycle which he took home and enjoys riding around his neighborhood.  I’m so glad Ben lives in the type of neighborhood where children can ride their bicycles and play outside like children were able to do when I was young.

New bicycle

A bicycle from Poppy


In May, Ben will be back in New York City for his follow-up medical tests with Dr. Berenstein.  We hope to visit our little guy a couple of times before he and his parents make that trip.

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