Ben’s Playing T-Ball!

While Ben and his dad were looking at T-ball helmets in the sporting goods store, Ben’s mom (my daughter) turned to me with tears in her eyes.  “He’s just like any normal kid,” she said.

A year ago, we didn’t know what lay in store for our little guy.  Only three years old, he was facing an uncertain future. Born with a vascular malformation in his brain ( a dural AV fistula), he needed a delicate and risky operation. Without the operation, he would die.  At that point the only visible sign of the problem was a slightly protruding eye, but we were told that he would become progressively impaired and would not live unless the fistula was repaired.

After two brain surgeries in New York last May, Ben had an amazing recovery and is now about to complete his first year in school.  He is finishing up his year in Pre-K and is enrolled in kindergarten for next school year.  His development is right on target for a four-year-old who will turn five in May.

And he is on a T-ball team!  Ben’s hand-eye coordination is great!  His large motor skills are amazing!  And he seems to be a natural ball player!  His team is one of several T-ball teams for children organized through the Parks and Recreation Department in his county.  It will have corporate sponsorship and team uniforms and will compete against other T-ball teams.  They practice twice a week, weather permitting, and will have games on Saturdays, beginning in April.

On our recent visit, I captured Ben practicing his batting swing at home:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


His mom took some photos of his first official team practice.  Here’s our guy looking through the fence…

Looking through the fence


And in the outfield.  Look at that stance!  Yes, that’s our miracle boy in the center ready for whatever comes his way!

Ben T-ball #6


10 thoughts on “Ben’s Playing T-Ball!

  1. Thanks for posting an update – it is such a blessing to see how he has progressed. He is your little miracle that is for sure. I am so glad to see how well he is doing.


    • Thank you, John! Ben goes back to New York in June for more tests. If he has to have additional surgery, it will be done then. He still has a low flow of blood through the repaired fistula. Please thank all of your folks at Abiding Hope who have prayed or are continuing to pray for Ben. Cheers, Deb

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