“Run, Ben, Run!”

Ben’s T-ball team played their first game last week, and we traveled across the state to watch it. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!  My 86-year-old father joined us on the trip, and Ben’s other grandparents who live near Ben were at the game as well.

What fun to watch the Westside Bombers, Ben’s team consisting of 4-year-olds, play the Westside Legends, an experienced team of 5-year-olds!

Westside Bomber


Before the game, Ben received some words of encouragement from his G-Pa…

An encouraging word from G-Pa


And Mom helped him put on his uniform socks…

Putting on the socks


Ben’s dad spent his time on the field as he is the team coach…

Ben and his dad, the coach


As each child came up to bat, at least three pitches were thrown.  If there was no hit, the ball was placed on the “T,” making it certain that there would be a hit and a chance to run the bases.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And here is a “live” version…..


During the 2nd inning, Ben had the opportunity to play 1st base.  (Seriously, does this child look like a 4-year-old?)

Paying the outfield


What a surprise when the pink-helmeted player on the opposing team turned out to be his cousin!

1st base cousins


No one keeps score in these games.  The purpose is not to win but to learn the game, to play together as a team, and to have fun.  When the game was over both teams walked toward each other on the field and thanked the opposing players, touching hands and saying, “Good game!”…

-Good game-


Then it was time for a little refreshment…



We are so very grateful for Ben’s progress since the two brain surgeries to repair his AV fistula.   As his other grandmother said, “We’ve been praying for this day all year.”

Please continue to remember Ben and his parents as they prepare for their one year follow-up visit to the doctor in New York in June.



7 thoughts on ““Run, Ben, Run!”

  1. So happy to see Ben playing, running, and being a happy, healthy 4 year old! Deb, thoughts with all of you as he goes for his yearly check up…hugs to all of you! Prayers for a perfect report.


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