In a little over two weeks, Ben returns to New York for follow-up medical tests and, if necessary, additional brain surgery. But first he had to celebrate his fifth birthday with a humdinger of a Minion-themed party last Saturday in which the entire side lawn was turned into a water park.  Between 40 and 50 people attended, including neighbors, family members, and friends.

Party 1

Party 3


There was a fun sprinkler in which the children could play and also a kids-size swimming pool.


But the pièce de résistance was an inflatable water slide.  As the afternoon wore on, the base of the slide turned into a mud puddle, and the kids didn’t even seem to notice.


A Minion piñata filled with candy and small toys also was part of the fun, and there was a gift bag for each child who attended the party.


It took a lot of pizzas to feed the crowd.  For dessert there were cupcakes and other goodies made by Ben’s aunt plus a Minion cookie cake.


On this blistering hot day, the heat and bright sunlight proved to be too much for our little guy.  He has been complaining of headaches again lately, and while his guests were still playing he asked to be taken inside so he could rest.  He had a bad headache, and his dad took him in the house where he napped for quite a while.

Party 12


It was only after resting that he felt like opening his birthday gifts.

Party 13


I don’t know how his parents will top this next year, but in the meantime some other folks have big things planned for our little trooper.  There’s more to come this next weekend, and we’re so excited!

5 thoughts on “Ben Turns Five

  1. What an exciting 5th birthday event for an extraordinary young man.
    Wishing for a successful trip and check up–with all positives related from N.Y. physicians… Keeping those positive thoughts coming to Ben and the entire family…


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