The past couple of days have been very worrisome.  Ben’s medical tests began shortly after 9:30 Thursday morning. He was scheduled to have an MRI and an angiogram, with testing to last a minimum of four hours.

Ready for his medical tests
Ready for his medical tests

However, once the tests were underway they revealed that the fistula in his brain (the one that had been repaired a year ago) had reopened.  Ben was admitted to the hospital, and his mom notified us that, “They are going into surgery now to repair it.  It is life threatening.”  Once again, Dr. B went in through a vein in Ben’s groin and inserted tiny platinum coils, each only as wide as a human hair, into the fistula in Ben’s brain. It was just after 6:00 p.m. when Ben came out of surgery.  An extremely long day, but the operation was a success!

Our little guy has been bolstered by so many prayers and positive thoughts from around the world, and his cousin created an inspirational poster for him to keep by his bedside.

Mighty warrior


Being in the hospital certainly isn’t fun and games for anyone, especially not for a 5-year-old, but Ben was encouraged to play in the hospital playroom before being discharged today.


And now, only two days after the operation, Ben is out of the hospital and back at the Ronald McDonald House! Understandably, he has had a hard time, but if he feels up to it a New York Yankees game is in the works for tomorrow, and the family hopes to fly home the following day.  Another New York trip will be forthcoming in about 8 months, as Dr. B. did find an additional fistula that needs to be repaired.  However, it is not causing any symptoms or problems, and Dr. B thinks that it may go away or be greatly decreased by that time due to the lessening of pressure in Ben’s brain that will result from this most recent surgery.

As always, please keep Ben and his parents in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate every good thought and every prayer.







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