Our oldest granddaughter Jessie is celebrating her 19th birthday in two days, and instead of receiving birthday gifts she is asking all of her friends and family members to donate funds to help offset Ben’s medical expenses.  We are so proud of her and so grateful!  She has set up a GoFundMe site online, with a goal of raising $1,000.  After only eight days, a total of $765 already has been donated. Here is what she put on her Facebook page last week… Ben's Fund 3   And here is her GoFundMe page…   Ben's Medical Fund Ben's fund #2 Ben definitely will have to undergo another operation in December (or January).  He also is due to begin physical therapy on a regular basis to help with the loss of range of motion in his foot.  All money raised by his cousin will go directly to help pay for medical and related expenses.

Here is Jessie with Ben five years ago. Five years ago Today she is a high school graduate, getting ready to begin college.  She has a bright future ahead, and our entire extended family is very proud of her and what she is doing for her cousin Ben. Senior year

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