Three Chattanooga, TN television stations have now done interviews with Ben as his story continues to be featured on news websites throughout the country.

Present when Ben made “the touchdown of his life” last May,  Channel 3, the NBC affiliate, recently ran an updated story about the video of that touchdown that has now gone viral.  Channel 61, the Fox News affiliate, and Channel 9, the ABC affiliate, both ran stories this week that included new interviews with Ben’s dad and with our little guy himself.

Here’s the video that has gone viral. (It’s only 40 seconds long.)


And here is the Channel 9 story that includes a short interview with Ben.  Because, as Ben’s mom says, “he’s as country as cornbread” and not everyone will be able to understand him, I am including the transcript of the story.

Chattanooga Channel 9
From the Channel 9 webpage


A video of a 5 year old scoring a touchdown at a Murray County High School football game has gone viral.

In Murray County High’s Spring game this year, they let Ben Holloway take the field and do something he’s always dreamed of: scoring a touchdown at his dad’s alma mater.
The video has been viewed a million times. It captures his chance to live out a dream. A dream to make it to the inzone..

“I got back up then I ran, then I fell, then I got back up then I ran,” Ben Holloway said.

Ben says he fell a couple times but that wasn’t going to stop him. His dad, Joshua, says he doesn’t let much get him down.

“He never stopped. He got back up. He wasn’t going to stop until he got there,” Joshua Holloway said.

Ben had a rare brain condition called Dural Arteriovenous Fistula.

“Typically in children when it’s diagnosed it’s already too late, they’re already dead,” Holloway said.

After several surgeries Ben is a typical kid. Although his doctors say he can’t play football. Then, Murray County High gave him a chance.

“We’ve been told for a year and a half how serious his condition was and how grave it was, how catastrophic his condition really is and to see him do something he’s always wanted to do it, it means a lot” Joshua said.

So Ben got on the field suited up in his own custom jersey.

“Gave me a helmet! A white helmet!” Ben said.

Then he took the football and ran with a few stumbles along the way. His teammates and the defense playing along.
Then, the moment he’d always been waiting for.

“To me it shows the beauty of sports,” Joshua said. “Some people think it’s all about winning and for Coach Brewer at Murray County and his team, sports is about a whole lot more for those guys.”

The family has to fly to New York City at least once a year for a check up. They use a world class doctor not covered by their insurance.

The community has set up a fundraiser for the family here.


Again, thank you Murray County High School for making all of this possible !   #BenStrong

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