Last week Ben and his parents came to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with us.  We are so very thankful to have this little man in our lives, and most especially when we think of all he has gone through.

Six months ago today, Ben was in “grave and immediate danger.”   Medical tests revealed that the repaired AV fistula in his brain had reopened.  Another brain surgery had to be done, and we were told that the situation was life threatening.  He came through the surgery beautifully and in no time was up and playing in the hospital in New York.

In the playroom 2

Now six months later, he has completed a season of T-ball and a season of soccer.  Tomorrow he plays in his first basketball game.  Whoever thought this little guy would play sports after three brain surgeries?  We are excited to be able to travel to see him play his second basketball game next week.

Ben’s dad, who has coached him in T-ball and soccer and also is the basketball coach, is one of the best children’s coaches I have ever seen.  He posted this about Ben on Facebook today:

Perspective is an amazing thing!!!

Today started off crazy and work was chaotic as ever. I thought I was having a “bad” day when it hit me…………….

………6 months ago today, our precious baby endured his 3rd brain surgery. I will never forget the feeling of complete helplessness and utter fear that I felt when Dr. B told us that Ben’s life “is in grave & immediate danger” and that he would have to do another emergency brain surgery to save his life. After remembering that day, it made today seem like a breeze.

We were originally told that we would have to be back in NYC for a check-up TODAY but, because Ben is doing so good, we do not need to go back till the spring/summer of 2016. There is no way Katie Holloway & I could ever thank you enough for your constant prayer and support.

It is only by the grace of a loving God that Ben is still with us today and I’ll get to coach his 1st basketball game tomorrow.

Ben’s dad also referees high school football and basketball games, and Ben has learned the signals used by football referees.  On Thanksgiving he enjoyed showing us what he has learned…

Thanks to everyone who reads these posts and keeps up with what is going on with our little trooper.  Please continue to keep Ben in your thoughts and prayers.

Soli Deo Gloria !    #BenStrong


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