Last week Ben had a school holiday, and we traveled over to be with him for a couple of days and take him to his physical therapy session.

For several months now Ben has been undergoing physical therapy to help strengthen his left foot and increase its range of motion.  Because the original fistula on the left side of his brain was not diagnosed and repaired until he was four years old, his muscle development on that side, particularly in his leg and foot, have been affected.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that Ben is quite active and plays T-ball, soccer and basketball in organized sports programs.  That’s a miracle in itself!

But he does sometimes trip and fall, and as he grows, the muscles are developing at a different pace in each foot and ankle.  He enjoys physical therapy because he gets to jump on a trampoline, climb a rope ladder, and engage in other fun activities while strengthening his muscles. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any photos of his therapy session.

At this visit the therapist got her first look at Ben’s new foot brace.  Recently he was fitted with a custom-made, adjustable brace to be worn at night.  (He was able to choose the look of of the brace itself and the sports ball strap.) The brace is designed to increase dorsiflexion range which is the backward bending of the foot, as if you were pulling your toes toward your knee.  It is our prayer that this will help increase his range of motion and will help with his balance. His mom took these photos of the brace at the time of the original fitting…

The day after physical therapy, Ben begged me and G-Pa to take him to visit the fire station across the highway from the subdivision where he lives.  Fire fighters are special heroes to him.  He insisted that he had visited once before with his dad and that it would be okay for us to just show up for a visit.  So we did!

In his fire gear
Ben put on his firefighter gear, and we went over.


It’s a rural fire station that doesn’t get many calls, and when we arrived only one fireman was on duty, but he remembered Ben from the previous visit.  He opened the bay door, let Ben climb into the cab of the firetruck with him, and drove the truck out with Ben in the passenger seat.  Our little miracle boy had a wonderful time pretending to drive the firetruck while G-Pa and I had a nice visit with Fireman Lewis Barefoot.  When we left, Ben gave Firefighter Barefoot not one, but two, hugs and thanked him for everything.

Many thanks to Fireman Barefoot from G-Pa and Nana K. (that’s me) for being so good to our precious little grandson!

And thanks to all who continue to keep Ben in your thoughts and prayers.  Please remember, too, his other grandmother who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a rare form of lymphoma.

Soli Deo Gloria !    #BenStrong


10 thoughts on “Physical therapy, a foot brace, and a visit to the fire station

  1. What a star – not even letting a foot brace keep him down. Keeping him in prayer and sorry to hear about his other grandma – prayers for her too.


    1. Thank you! He’s such a little trooper. And his grandma is a real fighter, too. Last September, she was not expected to live, but she undergoing chemo and getting for a stem cell transplant. Thank you for your prayers. We believe in miracles!

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