Radishes in the desert

This Facebook post from grandson Ben’s dad the other day was accompanied by an amazing video of Dr. Alex Berenstein, who is Ben’s doctor, speaking at a TEDMED event in 2010.

Dr. B., as he is affectionately called by his patients, is Director of the Pediatric Cerebrovascular Program at Kravis Children’s Hospital which is part of the Mount Sinai Health Systems in New York City.  The program provides treatments for vascular disorders and malformations, specifically malformations of the blood vessels of the brain in infants, children, and young adults.   Dr. B. is a renowned leader in the field of interventional neuroradiology and has received more 30 distinguished awards for his groundbreaking work. He has helped develop many of the crucial therapies for previously untreatable diseases, and it all started when, as an intern, he saw radishes growing in the Israeli desert.


Dr. B. has performed three endovascular surgeries on Ben to repair dural arteriovenous fistulas in the brain. We are so blessed that he took Ben as a patient when our little guy was only three years old and then performed the first operation shortly after Ben’s fourth birthday. You can read more about Dr. B. here.

Here’s the video (17 minutes long) of Dr. B. explaining how radishes in the desert led to the medical developments that have saved and changed the lives of countless youngsters.

As always, please keep Ben in your thoughts and prayers.  And also please remember his other grandmother who is undergoing cancer treatments.

Soli Deo Gloria !    #BenStrong

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