A couple of weeks ago the schools in our area were out for a week of Spring Break.  We were able to spend the entire week with our precious Wild Man, as his dad had to undergo an operation on his foot, and his mom (after spending a day at home with dad) had to go to work.  The first few days were spent at our house, and then we made the two-hour drive to Ben’s house and spent the remainder of the week there.

While at our house Ben was able to visit and have lunch with his Poppy, his great-grandfather…

Ben and his Poppy on a sunny day

We made our usual visits to the old train…

At the old train
At the old train

And to the creamery where we enjoyed homemade ice cream…

Eating ice cream
Eating homemade chocolate ice cream made with organic milk

and Ben played underneath the giant cow…

Under the giant cow
Under the giant cow

Back at his house we took Ben to his physical therapy appointment, made cookies for the firefighters who are stationed at the firehouse nearby, and helped out his dad in whatever ways we could.  Ben, who has undergone three surgeries himself, did a wonderful job of helping his dad after the operation.

Here he is with his dad’s crutches.  What a difference in height!

With his dad's crutches
Ben’s dad is very tall!

Ben will be returning to New York in June for his yearly checkup and medical tests.  More on that later…  But in the meantime please keep him and his parents in your thoughts and prayers.

Soli Deo Gloria !    #BenStrong

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