Hit in the nose

Of all the players to get smacked in the nose by a soccer ball it would have to be the one who had three brain surgeries!  Nonetheless, our little guy is doing great.  Ben plays on the youngest and physically smallest soccer team in his league, and when an older, bigger player kicked the ball right into his face, he was knocked backwards onto the ground.  An X-ray showed no broken nose, only some bruising.  We are so grateful for that good news!



Career Day

Ben is in first grade, and when asked how school is going he always says, “Good.”  When asked what he likes best about school he always says, “Playing outside.”  But his mom says he loves to learn and is a diligent student.  That’s music to this teacher/grandma’s ears.  His class recently had a Career Day, and students were encouraged to come to school dressed for the occasion.  Of course, Ben dressed as a New York City police officer.  Our family is so thankful for the kindness showed by the NY Police Department, especially the 20th Precinct, to the children at the Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan the last time Ben was there.



An 88th birthday

Not all children have the opportunity to know their great-grandparents, but Ben has been blessed to know two of his. He was only 3 years old when his great-grandmother (my mother) passed away.  I’m sure his memories of her now are only dim ones, but he loved her and enjoyed spending time with her when she was alive. He knows his great-grandfather (my father) well, loves him much,  and helped him celebrate his 88th birthday last weekend.


Ben is doing great.  He continues with physical therapy once a month.  Please keep him and his mom and dad in your thoughts and prayers.

#BenStrong   #Soli Deo Gloria

4 thoughts on “A hit in the nose, Career Day, and an 88th birthday

  1. good to hear that Ben is not cosseted despite potential vulnerability and that his nose survived the knock. The future police force will be all the better for this young man. Great grandfather looks a much younger man – good wishes to all


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