Walking the Blue Carpet

We are very proud of grandson Ben who was honored yesterday by getting to Walk the Blue Carpet at his school.  In a special ceremony, Ben was given an award for “Excellence in Choosing Success and Trying Your Best.”  He loves school and is doing so well.


We were not able to be there, but his dad’s parents surprised Ben by attending the ceremony.  They both have had serious health problems and have not been able to attend many of his sports or school events lately.  He was very excited to see them there.


Ben’s mom was so proud of him and videoed our miracle boy as he made his way down the blue carpet.



We visited Ben’s family last weekend and attended his Saturday morning basketball game. Ben is running much better lately even though he has not been going to physical therapy as often as before. Playing sports is good for him!  And he scored the first basket of the game!

Getting ready for Christmas

The plan last weekend was to do a Friday night Walk Through Bethlehem which was to feature a live nativity scene. However the temperature was in the 20s Fahrenheit (below 0 degrees Celsius), and the organizers postponed the live event due to the cold (we’re not used to the cold here in the South).  Instead, they had a bonfire, hay ride, and cookies and hot cocoa with Santa.


Ben thoroughly enjoyed himself and began singing as we headed for the car to go home, although he did stop walking long enough for one more photo.


We had another encounter with Santa while shopping at a boutique the following day.


This Santa was as country as cornbread, convinced Ben to ask for a dirt bike for Christmas, and informed us that Ben should leave snickerdoodle cookies out for Santa himself on Christmas Eve and chocolate covered cherries for Santa’s reindeer.  What a hoot!

We are looking forward to Christmas with this little guy!

#BenStrong   #Soli Deo Gloria


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