Ben celebrated his eighth birthday on May 12 with an outdoor party attended by friends, neighbors and family members.  Exactly one week later was the fourth anniversary of his first brain surgery.  Our miracle boy has come a long way in four years…


Ben is a kind, smart, loving, musically talented little guy who loves to play sports.  He is active in his church, volunteers to help others, and works hard to complete whatever task is at hand.  Tomorrow he will finish up this school year, having completed second grade with flying colors.  We couldn’t be prouder of our miracle boy!

During the school year, basketball and baseball were his sports of choice , and no matter what sport he plays he always wears number 32 on his team shirt.

Basketball friends
Fellow church members came to watch him play basketball
Baseball 2018
Ben played third base, and during his first baseball game he hit a triple play


In April, Ben went with a large group from his church to a youth leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee where he won accolades and awards for his participation in several activities and competitions.

Church leadership conference


His dad is youth minister at their church, so Ben also gets to participate in many of the  activities and volunteer efforts of the high school youth.  This photo appeared in the local newspaper when the group volunteered to help out at a sporting event for handicapped youngsters.

Miracle League volunteers

And Ben volunteered right here at our house to help us do some spring cleaning on our property…


His well-deserved birthday party was on the hottest day we’ve had this spring, over 90 degrees (over 32 Celsius), and Ben and his friends were able to enjoy the inflatable water slide his parents rented for the occasion.


The following week, remembering the anniversary of his first brain surgery, his parents took him to Atlanta to an Atlanta Braves baseball game where his team won!

At the Braves game


As always, many thanks to all of you who have kept Ben in your thoughts and prayers!

Birthday silliness

#BenStrong     #Soli Deo Gloria

8 thoughts on “Our miracle boy turned eight and is doing great!

  1. Reblogged this on Unexpected in common hours and commented:

    For my newer readers….Grandson Ben is a bright, loving, eight-year-old who at the age of three was found to have an arteriovenous fistula in the brain. This is a rare and dangerous congenital disorder in which there is an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein. It causes pressure to build up in the brain, and in Ben’s case, also behind one eye. An AV fistula can lead to physical and mental regression and ultimately to death.

    In May 2014, Ben and his parents flew from Georgia to New York City where he had two brain surgeries within a week. In the first surgery, 18 tiny platinum coils were placed in the fistula, slowing the abnormal blood flow. In the second surgery, medical-grade superglue was used to completely close off the fistula.

    A year later when the family traveled to New York for Ben’s first annual checkup, Ben’s doctor (Dr. Alejandro Berenstein) discovered that the fistula had re-opened, and another fistula had formed. Ben’s condition was life threatening. Another surgery had to be done.

    In June 2016, after the second annual checkup Dr. Berenstein declared Ben to be cured! The original fistula is completely closed, and the fistula that formed the previous year is gone as a result of decreased pressure in Ben’s brain.

    We are so grateful for Dr. Berenstein and his medical team, for the Ronald McDonald House in New York, and for all of our family, friends, and blogging acquaintances who have followed Ben’s story and held him in your thoughts and prayers.


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