Happy 11th birthday, Ben!

Our miracle boy turned 11 last week and had an outdoor party last Saturday, attended by family, friends and neighbors. I was able to drive the two and a half hours to be there for the entire weekend, but taking photos took a back seat to enjoying the day. I took a grand total of two good photos.

Ben loves the Atlanta Braves baseball team, and his party carried the Braves theme through even to the large chocolate chip cookie cake…

Ben (the tall one on the left) and his best friend J. were clowning around so much it was difficult to capture them both, but I did my best. The family is so grateful for the friendship between these young men. The night before the party, they built a tent in the family room, using dining room chairs and bed sheets, and they slept all night in sleeping bags on the floor under their indoor tent. Such fun!

Happy birthday, Ben!

#Ben Strong #Soli Deo Gloria

A Fourth Birthday Party

Grandson Ben celebrated his 4th birthday with a farm-themed party last weekend in rural Northwest Georgia.  The venue, the Barn by the Oaks, was provided free of charge in anticipation of Ben’s upcoming surgery.  Our family is so grateful to everyone who donated their time, talents, and funds to make this party a success.  Our little country boy had a blast!  He and his parents now are in New York City for the neurosurgery which will take place on Monday.

A few photos from last weekend (12 photos):

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